For those of foreigners

Mitsuyoshi catches the reputation as one of the eminent psychic mediums in Japan. He says that there is no word [wonder] in the world. It is based on "synchronized diving", and "light qigong" (Koukikou) that he performs touches "the heart" of the person with a trouble directly and says energy by going along in it and the same period when it is a thing to find opening or a route to circulate. I easily hear it when I explain a body and a psychological disorder, human relations, a family by the trouble of the land, house, money side, resentment and the fear to invisible things, unidentified phenomenon, and words. It is impossible there is not the big love to the others whom he want to catch even if he carry courage calm, to expose one's soul to a partner and the risk on his back.
We are waiting for your email if you need his hand. Please fill out a title by all means with "Help Mitsuyoshi". The necessary matter is your name, address, birthday, and your aspect.
At first, please mail us the details as fast as you can. Over the telephone cope, but thank you for your understanding because skype is out of correspondence.
The payment becomes the bank transfer basically, but other way would be available if you’d like.

The fee
Fortune-telling $100.00~ (by mail)
Psychic reading $50.00~  (by mail)
Remote healing  $100.00~ 
Exorcism $500.00~

E-Mail : koukikou@jcom.home.ne.jp